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It was time to leave Phu Quoc. Next stop Sihanoukville. We booked a package deal from our hotel, that included pickup from the hotel in Phu Quoc, ferry to Ha Tien, minivan to the border, visa procedures and another minivan to Sihanoukville. All together $23 ( excluding visa ).

Getting to the ferry, from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien

After around 7 hours we arrived to Otres Beach, close to Sihanoukville. It was already dark and the roads were not that great, so we had a bit of a hard time finding the hotel at first, but we finally made it.

Nice and quiet in Otres beach

Although to get there, was a bit of a challenge 😀

We stayed in Wish You Were Here hostel. Thats was definitely a bit different hostel than usually. It was built to the wooden house, something like a barn. There were no roof on the rooms, sort of, so thank god for the mosquito nets.

Our room in Wish You Were Here hostel in Sihanoukville.

It was a really social and active hostel, with a bar downstairs. People were staying there for whole days, just smoking joints and doing nothing 😀 The staff was super nice and always helpful. The hostel stuff also included at least 3 dogs and 2 cats 😀

Our hostel in Otres Beach, Sihanoukville

The beach was really nice, with crystal clear water. Way more quiet than in the city ( we were around 5km from the city )

Breakfast with morning beer 😀

Crystal clear water in Otres Beach

Sunset over Othres Beach in Sihanoukville

We took a TukTuk from our hostel to the city center, beacause we were lazy 😀 TukTuk driver had his son with him but he got tired on the road, so he came and joined us on the back seat, sort of 😀

Estonian Gangsters in TukTuk, heading towards Sihanoukville center 😀

Our driver

Sleepy TukTuk copilot hahaa

On the beach in Sihanoukville

Found an Estonian hotel in Sihanoukville, The Beach Road Hotel

It was time to move on, so we booked a bus to the capital, Phnom Penh. Turned out to be a big city, bigger than i thought. The bus ride took around 5 hours, not so bad. We havent done much in Phnom Penh, drinking beer, walking around in the city and just being handsome 😀 Im still waiting for my package i ordered from Amazon, so we will stay here for atleast couple more days.

View from our first hostel in Phnom Penh

Sunet over the park in Phnom Penh

Riverside during the night

One beer one coaster, i was a collector indeed 😀


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