Phu Quoc through Rach Gia


Our first plan was to fly from Ho Chi Minh city to Bangkok and skip Cambodia, but decided in the end to visit Phu Quoc island as well. There was no train this time, so we had to take a bus. Fortunality it was a sleeping bus, really comfortable and took something like 6 hours. The bus took us to Rach Gia, where we had to stay for a night, because last ferry of the day goes around 2-3pm.

Our sleeping bus, not bad compared to regular busses 🙂

When it was getting darker, our bus transformed to discotheque 😀

When we arrived to Rach Gia it was raining alot. We checked in to our hotel, Kiet Hong Hotel, which was super nice. They even had a free taxi service, if you want to go somewhere 😀 Beacause we hadnt ate after the morning, we wondered to the great unknown with the rain pouring down on us. So we got some food, free shower and laundry thanks to the rain and thats it for the day.

Busy streets of Rach Gia. Music playing, everybody selling something.

View to the city, Rach Gia

Going to the ferry ticket office

In the moring we tried to get the tickets to the ferry at 8am but everything was sold out. So we had to take the ferry at 12.45. We used the time to grab something to eat. Wondering around the city, we found a place to play pool. And suddenly it was time to get to the ferry. 3.5h hour ride was pretty nice, you could go outside to enjoy the wind or stay inside.

It was already getting dark when we get to the island. So we found a nice bar on the beach to relax, Rory’s Beach Bar. Very nice place, not so cheap though.

Sunset from Rory’s Beach Bar

The weather was sunny the next day, so we spent it mostly on the beach, eating, drinking and swimming 😀

Windy day in paradise, Long Beach, Phu Quoc island

Long Beach, Phu Quoc island

Sunrise @ Long Beach in Phu Quoc

Catching the waves in Long Beach

Sunny day on the beach

Incomiiiiiiing ……..

Mini shisha with homemade coconut rum in Coco Bar. The rum was pretty good, although quite strong 😀

Found a friend from Coco Bar. Was sitting under my chair and barking to anyone who passed by. Basically i got myself a guard dog. Now i just have to find a place for him in my backpack 😀

Preparing for the storm

Nice temple in Phu Quoc

Temple in Duong Dong

Rocky side of the Long Beach


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