Ho Chi Minh city and Mekong Delta


The ride to the Ho Chi Minh city ( aka Saigon ) didnt start very well. First day we miss the train cause there were no tickets left. So we had to extend our rent one more day in Nha Trang ( which is totally fine, just one more day in paradise ? ). So we got the tickets for the next day. Went to the train station in the morning and it turned out the train is going to be late. For a whopping 3.5 hours ? Although in the end it  turned out to be more like 5 hours. The train ride to Saigon was around 8 hours long, so we got there during the night. Took a taxi to the hostel, grabbed something to eat and thats it for the day. Too tired to do anything. We stayed in the dorm this time, with other young people ( like us ? ). The hostel was super nice, with a rooftop area and a bar downstairs.

Next day we just wondered around the city.  Did what tourists usually do, strolled from one church to another and took pictures ? I also booked a one day tour to Mekong Delta for the next day.

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Bitexco Financial Tower. There’s a skydeck on the 49th floor

Rooftop of Saigon Center

A strange guy from Estonia

Streets of Ho Chi Minh city

Lights on @ Saigon

Saigo City Hall and a cool blue building on the right.

I got picked up from the hostel early in the morning with 2 Dutch guys. There were already one Irish family on the bus and later a couple from Singapore and Chinese family joined as well. The bus ride took almost 2 hours to My Tho, the city on the banks of Mekong. First we visited a buddhist temple called Vĩnh Tràng Chùa.

Buddhist temple in My Tho – Vinh Trang Chua

Big happy monk in Vinh Trang Chua

After that we took a boat to one of the island in Mekong, cant remember the name anymore though. They showed us how local people live, we ate some fruits, learned how coconut milk is made, met some wonderful snakes ? rowed on Mekong river and finally ate a big fat lunch. On the way back home, we also visited a fish farm for a moment. So overall the tour was really great ( thanks asianalink ), weather was nice and life is beautiful ?

Travelling to the island in the center of Mekong

Arriving to the island

Island life in Mekong Delta.

Boatride in Mekong river

Mekong Delta. Captain of the boat waiting for the customers i guess 😀

Noone was brave enough to hold him, including myself 😀

Although i was brave enough to hold these little fellas hahaa

waiting for the tourists ….

Extracting coconut milk from coconuts

So we tried snake wine, coconut and banana wine. They call it wine, but it was more like a shot of tequila, pretty strong stuff. Thank god we found a boat afterwards haha

Green island @ Mekong

Did some rowing in the river

In the jungle of Mekong

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