Ba Ho Waterfall & Nha Trang


We finally arrived to Nha Trang, the biggest resort in Vietnam. There were way more tourists than in other parts of Vietnam. Especially Russians, even some of the signs were in Russian. The beach was beautiful and water as always in Vietnam really warm. Our hotel was basically on the beach, just had to cross the road, so that was nice.

View from our hotel

The beach @ Nha Trang

Vacation goals – matching outfits

Nha Trang @ night

Not sure what happened here hahaa

Good moooorng Vietnaaaam @ Nha Trang

Island hopping near Nha Trang

Discovering the islands near Nha Trang

We rented scooters from the hotel for a day to go to Ba Ho waterfall and to look around Nha Trang. Scooters were quite old and im a bit suprised they didnt fall apart during the ride, but all went well in the end.

Too fast, too furious

Amazing view near Nha Trang

Parked our scooters and ready to climb to the Ba Ho waterfall

It was quite a climb to up there, to the waterfall

Ba Ho waterfall

A bit of swimming at Ba Ho

Ba Ho Waterfall

Hard working Vietnamese

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