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Ayers Rock, along with the Sydney Opera House, is perhaps one of the most visually identifiable tourist attractions in Australia. The rock, known as Uluru by the Aborigine people who see it as a sacred site can be found in the Northern Territory. Those that wish to visit Ayers Rock will most likely want to stay in ‘Alice Springs’. It is the closest large town to the rock. However, as you know, Australia is an incredibly large place packed to the brim with barren land. From Alice Springs it is 280 miles away. This will most likely be a very intense day trip for the tourist.

Ayers Rock stands at 348 meters high and is formed of solid sandstone. One of the most exciting things for the visiting tourist is that the rock changes color quite drastically as the sun moves through the sky throughout the day. At dawn and at dusk the rock gives off a very red glow which is the perfect time to whip out the camera and take some photographs.

Ayers Rock is a sacred spot for the Aborigine people and has been for centuries. Then natives of this area, known as the Anangu people, are incredibly keen to give to tourists that visit the site. They are more than happy to discuss the various flora and wildlife that inhabit the mountain and surrounding it. However, it is worth noting that the Anangu people will NOT take you up the mountain. Despite climbing actually being allowed on the mountain, the Anangu people will actively discourage you from doing so. The visiting tourist will find various signs pepper-potted around the area which indicate this. Obviously they do not wish for you to climb it due to it being regarded as a sacred site in their culture. At the moment however, the government of Australia has said that tourists can climb it. It is believed that this may change in the future though. It is therefore suggested that you visit the rock as soon as you can!


There is plenty to see and do around Ayers Rock for the tourist. Make sure to bring your camera as you will catch sight of all sorts of wildlife and fauna which you can’t see anywhere else in Australia (at least not in the open like this). You will also be able to see cave paintings painted over 10,000 years ago.

The main highlight for tourists however is that long walk to the top of the rock. This is because the views up there are absolutely stunning. It takes an hour to walk up the path (you will be heading up 0.5 miles). Bear in mind that this is a strenuous walk though. Many people actually give up before hitting the top! I suggest that you only try to climb the rock if you are physically fit. If not, well, the view is just as good from down the bottom. There is still plenty more things for you to see.


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