The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon situated in Arizona, United States is one of the greatest tourist attraction spots of the world and has been given the status of World Heritage by UNESCO. It has been carved out of Colorado River and is encompassed by the Grand Canyon National park which is prime tourist location of the place.

The landscape of the place is overwhelming and is definitely going to make any visitor awestruck with its beauty. The place depicts the planet’s history perfectly along with various types of geographical stretches. Temperature and weather are not uniform over the entire place, the taste of various weathers and seasons in the place makes it more adorable. On one hand it may snow in the northern rim while on the other hand people may enjoy bathing in the river – inner canyon. So you can get to enjoy and adjust very easily enjoying the fullest thrill of the place.

north rim

The heart throbbing landscape along with rich flora and fauna of the place has made it one of the best tourist locations of the world. Canyon Wrens, Stellar’s Jays (with their peaked caps), swallows, hummingbirds, and the playful and entertaining Raven are the common birds while California Condor is the most popular animal in this region. Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Coyote, Mountain Lions, Bobcat, Black Bears are the animals which are usually seen in this place. Abert’s Squirrel with tufted ears and chipmunks are the major tourist attraction of this place. Spotted Skunks, one of the rare animals can be seen here. Along with large creatures, even the small creatures and reptiles can be seen here which include lizards, snakes (Rattlesnake- the major attraction) and ringtail.


There are various restricted zones which can be reached through shuttle service where you can experience horse and mule rides, view the historic buildings in Grand Canyon Village and also have a desert view. The Watchtower is another attraction from which the entire canyon and Colorado River can be viewed. Other viewpoints which can also make you stunned with the beauty of nature are Bright Angel Point, Cape Royal and Point Imperial which is the highest viewpoint in the park. The activities which you should not miss in Grand Canyon is hiking in spots like Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, Hermit Trail and Grandview Trail. Whitewater rafting during the summers is a lifelong marvelous experience which you should never miss. Flightseeing is also provided by various organizations. Bicycling can also be experienced in this place.


The place is well connected and can be reached by planes, buses, trains or cars. Various organizations provide jeep and safari tours to enable tourists get view of the entire place and experience the beauty to the maximum. The best part of this place is that there is no problem with the food and lodging since there are a variety of hotels, lodges and campgrounds as well as restaurants. These are spread over the entire place and the places where you cannot find these, camping grounds will come to your rescue. The magnificent view of the place from both rims along with provisions of thrilling activities is sure to make it the most adventurous and enjoyable trip of yours.


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