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It is not important whether you believe in ghost or not but there are scary places on Earth that will let you feel tragic, creepy and mysterious. The scariest places on Earth are all haunted and some of them are abandoned. Learn more about these places that will let your chin and body chills.

San Zhi Resort

San Zhi Resort is considered as one of the scariest places on Earth. It is a kind of a UFO-shaped abandoned building and a ghost town tourist resort that is associated with a variety of unexplained deaths. It is located outside the Taipei. The restricted San Zhi Resort that is located in Taiwan is a kind of destination for rich folk and bored.

The resort has its own Pod City that is being constructed in the late 80’s but it was forcedly shut down due to unexplained fatal accidents or Godzilla attacks. According to the government of Taiwan, they can’t determine the exact numbers of people who died in the said resort. Nowadays, there are 90 ponds that were abandoned within the resort and no one is attempting to enter in this place as they are afraid with the scariest stories and fatal accidents that occurred inside of it.


According to the local papers of the government of Taiwan, there are numerous accidents that happened during the construction of San Zhi Resort. This information spread out to other urban cities of Taiwan and that is one of the reasons why most tourists are afraid to visit this resort. The local community of Taiwan is saying that San Zhi Resort is now considered as a haunted place due to those people who died in the said resort. They are also afraid to demolish the resort since destroying the respective homes of the spirits as well as the lost souls is not advisable in the Asian culture.


The Prypiat is considered as a ghost town in the city of Chernobyl. During the Nuclear Disaster in this city way back in 1986, the area of this land was contaminated by a certain radioactivity. The government of Soviet ordered an evacuation to over 90, 000 of residences that are living in the said area.


During that time, it is called the Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl but for now, it is one of the abandoned and scariest places on Earth. The Prypiat area was established in 1970 as a Nuclear Chernobyl Power Plant and by the year 1979, it is officially proclaimed as city. The population of this city is about 50,000 before such accident occurred. The city of Prypiat have 15 major schools, restaurants, malls, one hospital and most of the residents in this area are factory workers.

On April 26, 1986, the Nuclear Disaster occurred and most of the residents from the said city died. Some of the residents were able to survive and they were required to leave the said city for about two days. Nowadays, the radioactivity levels of the place have decreased and the city are being guarded with the army. The city of Prypiat is now an abandoned place with urban decay.


Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara is also considered as one of the scariest places on Earth and it is also known as Haunted Death Forest, Suicide Forest and Demon Japan’s Forest that is located in Mt. Fuji in Japan. Aokigahara Forest is a home of 500 suicide victims since the 1950’s.

This particular place is also called as one of the best places for any person to die and this place is also recognized as the second popular place to commit suicide. There are also demon and ghost stories that were associated with Aokigahara Forest. According to Japanese spiritualists, the ghastly spirits slide along the tress that is being spotted by some of the tourists and visitors of the place. They also believe that the people who commit suicide within the place have permeated the trees and soil of Aokigahara Forest.


The Aokigahara Forest is composed of 3, 500 hectare and the area is cold, rocky and chirping of birds is very rare. The forest has 200 caves and they believe that the spirits of the suicide victims are still present within the Aokigahara Forest.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is being constructed during the year 1858 to 1881. It is considered as the largest stone masonry structure that is located in North America. The place has its own hospital with 250 souls and according to paranormal experts, during their first visit within the place, they encountered apparition sightings and unexplainable sounds and voices. They also believe that there are hundreds of patients who died within this area.

Most of the visitors of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum conduct ghost tours and paranormal tours that will last for about two hours. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum have 242, 000 sq. foot and if you like ghost tours, you are advised to stay close with your team since you will not know what will happen to you if you split from your group.


Catacombs in Paris, France

The Catacombs that is located in Paris France have 200 mile of old caves, quarries and tunnels and most of this area are filled with bones and skulls of dead people. The small section of the place is open for tourist and explorers. The dead body that is being buried in the cemetery of Paris was transferred in this place and the human remains are transferred in the underground catacombs and there are 6 million dead people who are located in the secretive quarries.


The space in the Catacombs in Paris, France is considered as one of the best solutions to solve the overcrowding scenario in Paris cemetery. The presence of catacombs is one of the reasons why there are a small number of buildings since the large foundations cannot be constructed since the catacombs are under the street of the city.


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